This is an archive of my writings around the web over the past few years. Some are work-related, some are personal, and others are pretty silly. If you'd like a more specific selection of writing samples, just ask.

Reading between the texts (Contents magazine)

If you know how to read them, the words between the lines are as important as the ones in black and white. If you know how to follow them, the connections between books are threads of conversation.

40 things I learned in my last job

The most important thing I took from 3 years at UC was this: I got a little better at messing up and being wrong.

Three things for thinking

The lenses aren’t perfect, but they help stretch your brain, and can make old things seem strange and new things seem possible.

Burn your welcome mat

When users come to your website, they’re not wandering a residential neighborhood knocking on doors and looking for new friends to spend time with. They’re trying to get somewhere, find something, or complete a task.

Piggybacking, messaging, and nice notes from lawyers

The lawyer is not a content strategist. When you use sloppy words, IP lawyers are not going to send you a nice note, because it is not their job. It is your job to get your messaging right so it doesn’t confuse users, potential users, or even lawyers.

Web writing tips for sharing without overwhelming

Think of it this way: if this web page floated down from the ceiling onto an unsuspecting person’s desk, could they figure out what it is or where to file it?

At this point, the routine is familiar

In the long run, the main thing that makes us better at being human is simply this: getting to know other humans and learning to respect them.

An (incomplete) guide to Seattle, for broke-ass MLA attendees

I know that MLA would be cheaper if I still lived in Seattle and could put you up in my basement, but since I moved away, you’ll have to settle for this list.

A feminist analysis of Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video (feat. Beyonce)

But Beyonce's call shifts the framework of the prison — this isn't a prison, it's a club; these women's assertions of agency are metaphorical as well as realistic. Dance scene! Layered commentary by costuming!

Older and even odder